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السبت، 21 أغسطس 2010

sunny land

In the days that we all know
There is no air or dew
You feel the suffocation
   for many reasons. you seek liberation
You wanna escape
From    what?
You don't know
Another land, another air, another sun
With different rays
You may wonder
What brings you here?

It's not fun  at all
Everything is silent
And you are totally alone
Everything is gonna be okay
I can assure you
You can relax now, sit reading your favorite book
In the shadow and be happy
Don't care about what's going on
Because there's nothing actually
You are in a safe land!!
Don't care about the weather
Because it's sunny all seasons
Don't care about who is there
Who is gonna stay or leave
You are just a passer by
In a very welcoming land
Have a happy stay
And remember always
To let go, to have fun
Promise to come again
And to stay a while in the sunny land
I hope that you really enjoy your stay

الاثنين، 9 أغسطس 2010

i'm gonna post the first poeme i've ever wrote:)

O God ,Forgive me 

when someone commits a sin ,he becomes totally depressed and lost,u imagine

that's the end of the world but there's always the hope which give us another

chance.it's the forgiveness of God.

O God ,help me ,forgive me

i beg for ur mercy

Guilt and Sin r burden of humanity

so what can set us free?

only ur grace ,ur superiority

I fear dismise ,for it could be spines

tear my tired body

torturing my lost soul

I shed tears to relieve

someone who is in agony

screaming and feel pity for me

He is my sentry

long for purity , it's my guilty conscience and my overseer

shows repatance and regret

O GOD,Forgive me